Hostdime Review

Hostdime reviewHostDime is a global hosting company who has started offering hosting services in 2001. As per the company claim, there are more than 2 million domains which are hosted on their server all around the world. Currently, their servers are located almost all popular locations across Europe, North America, South American and beyond. To make it easy for the customers, they have made the different websites for different countries.

Prices of HostDime Plans:

Unlike other web hosting companies, the HostDime is not offering general web hosting solution but only the advanced hosting plans starting from Managed VPS Hosting. That’s why the prices of the hosting solutions which has been offered by HostDime are high.

The company is offering several hosting solutions but most popular plans are Virtual Servers, Colocation and Bare Metal Servers. These products of the company are different from each other in term of not only price but also in the specifications.

The prices details of each of them are mentioned below:

  • Managed VPS Hosting : Starting from $75 per month to $150 per month
  • Colocation: Starting from $100 per month to $160 per month
  • Bare Metal Servers: Starting from $205 per month to $385 per month.
  • Do not get confused by the names of hosting plans. Originally they are VPS and dedicated hosting solutions.

Refund Policy:

The refund policy of HostDime is not very clear. As per our information which we have gathered from different websites, the company offers 45 days money back guarantee but this is only available on their VPS plans. There is no information regarding other plans available on official website of HostDime.

Security Features:

As the company offer advance hosting solutions, that’s why they have several security features to ensure that their customer’s data does not get hacked or affected by the computer virus. They have antivirus protection for an additional free but services like Firewall and DDoS is free. For physical protection, they have the system for the fire suppression and 24/7 monitoring at their data centers.

Other than above, a dedicated IP and SSL certificate is also given free on the new account on specific hosting plans.

Backup Options:

The customers can make the backup of their data whenever they want. The company does not offer any free backup options to the customers. The automatically remote storage for the backup can be purchased from $10 per month to $100 per month. The price depends on the HDD space.

Uptime of HostDime:

HostDime promises 99.9% uptime where they offer service credits in case of any downtime experienced by the customer. I don’t know any other hosting company who guarantee backed by the service credits in case of downtime.


  • Their hosting solution is suitable for businesses
  • The uptime is backed by credit
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Reliable and responsive hosting solution.


  • The prices of some hosting plans are high
  • No Shared Hosting Optin


Hostdime offersf fully managed VPS hosting which is not suitable for personal blogs or small businesses websites. Their prices are a little higher than some other hosting companies, but they guarantee their uptime which is one of the major Pro points of  hostdime.

For More Information visit hostdime official website

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