CloudWays Review

Cloudways  is a cloud-based web hosting service and website management company that has been deemed as the best solution for WordPress sites by various critics.

Cloudways is affiliated with some of the best cloud providers which include Digital ocean, AWS, Linode, and more. Although this cloud hosting website is the best for WordPress sites, it also supports a lot of other open-sources tools such as Joomla, Magento  and PHP.

Cloudways have a pay-as-you-go price system once you finish their free 3-day trial (No credit card required). Although their trial period is really short, it is a great way to test out their services as they are one of the most known cloud-based hosting services in the market.

Check out their free trial 


For pricing, we will be choosing the digital ocean cloud provider. You can also choose the other options given on their website. However, prices vary from different providers.

To proficiently compare the prices of the packages, we will be discussing the features of the packages as well. Here is an overview of the prices and the some of the features included in DigitalOcean packages.

cloudways hosting prices


CloudWays Features

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Managed Backups
  • Advanced Caching
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Free WordPress plugin
  • 60+ Global Data Centers
  • Cloudways CDN
  • PHP 7 Ready Servers
  • SSD Based Hosting

Customer Support

Cloudways provides exclusive 24/7 support on their website. You can reach them via their live chat, which is a great and fast method for instant queries. You can also request a call from them, as they also have skype support as well. Emailing them is also an option if you’re willing to go for that as well.

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