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Web Hosting Faq

What is Web hosting? Web hosting is service of providing space on the Internet for users to store their websites. It is like renting  an apartment in a complex except that in this case you fill the apartment  with php and html files, images, videos and codes for your website.  The computer that stores websites is called a “server”  which is a computer designed to process requests and deliver data and information to another computer over the internet or a local network. Practically, there are many types of […]

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What is shared hosting

When you decide to host your website you’re going to have many web hosting options at your disposal that may confuse you in the first time. Each hosting company has several hosting plans with different prices and features. It all depends on your budget and hosting requirements.  because there are many options,  you  need to make a decision if are to going to go with shared, VPS  or dedicated hosting. In this article we will discuss only  shared hosting. Shared hosting is one of the most popular […]

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How to choose a web host

The web host plays an important role to make your business website successful and it is not just website loading time which you need to consider but many other things too. If you are new to buy a web host or looking for the suggestions which you should consider before choosing a web host, the following points will surely help you.   Customer support Customer support plays an important role when it comes to choosing a web host. Many web site owners are more concerned about price […]

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